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20-2018 - The Second Coming - More on Workplace Wanking

June 19, 2018

We recently did a podcast about masturbation in the workplace. While researching this topic, through the carpal tunnel and hand cramps, we discovered that about half the internet is filled with info on this subject. So, dear listeners, we are going to bring you more spoogelicious masturbatory shenanigans in the form of the Pros and Cons. we found two articles, one arguing against the self gratification act while at work and the other offering an opposing view promoting the idea. We thought this would be fun…


Are wank breaks *really* a wise idea? As we sit at our dimly lit desks squinting at years-old computer screens, we often find ourselves lusting over all the fancy offices offering perks to their employees. We dream of a workplace where it’s okay to take naps in specially constructed Nap Pods. Where holiday time is unlimited. If that were the case, I’d never go to work… Where our working hours are flexible. And it’s all because we believe that, surely, all that stuff will make us happier, better, more creative workers in the long run. Which is probably true. Anything that helps us with a work/life balance, reduces stress, and makes the office a more pleasant place to be is likely to be a positive thing. But it might not just be down to holiday time, taking a full lunch break, and napping. Apparently, the next trendy way to make the working day better is the masturbation break. Some people agree, some do not.


Is wanking at work a suitable stress succorer?

Can workplace masturbation mean more merriment?

Is ball and boner juggling justified?

Can canoe carving cause increased creativity?

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