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11-2018 - Sex, Drugs, Rocks & Gold

April 14, 2018

In March, a story out of Kazakhstan caught the world’s attention. In the tiny, remote village, hundreds of residents were falling asleep “without warning” for “days at a time,” and waking up with memory loss. Some claim it is the uranium mine leaks, some say it is the chemical plant and others believe it is the government running them off to mine new-found gold.

So, are there sinister secrets causing sleepy Slavs?

Are maniacal mining concerns causing coitus?

Do radiated russkies resort to rubbing one out?

Have Soviet Citizens been secretly sexed up?

Or is all of this just a groping gimmick for for a government gold grab?

Join us as we take a saunter through the sexually stimulated sleepy soviets on today’s episode we like to call Sex, Drugs, Rocks & Gold….

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