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12-2018 - Looners - The Balloon Fetish

April 21, 2018

We have all heard of blow-up dolls and we recently did a podcast on Sex Robots. There is probably nothing on earth that someone would not hump

So is it any wonder that we found something on the Internet that involved humping something weird? Of course not.

The human species was given free will, by God, just so he could see how fucked up we could get. I’m sure we do not disappoint.

And so, we get to Edwin Tobergta of Hamilton, Ohio, who was first arrested in 2002 for having sex with an inflatable pumpkin that was part of a Halloween display. So we have to ask...

Are inflatables insatiable?

Do blown-up balloons make for a bad-ass balling?

Are puffed-up plastic pets penis perfect?

Should shagging a supple cellophane sheep be shyed upon?

Let us enlighten you on today’s adventure as we look into the Looner Fetish.


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