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09-2018 - Joyce McKinney - The Mormon Molester

March 31, 2018

Joyce McKinney is a former beauty queen who kidnapped Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson and turned him into her sex slave.

McKinney fled Britain before her trial and no extradition request was made by the country, so she saw no jail time.

Since then, McKinney has made headlines for other odd behavior such as purchasing a clone of her favorite dog in Korea and for suing a filmmaker who turned her court case into a documentary.

Did Joyce McKinney really molest a Mormon Missionary?

Was Kirk Anderson kidnapped and coerced into non-consensual coitis?

Or was he a willing participant in Joyce’s joyful Jiggery?

Join us as we plunge deep into the folds of this story seeking to answer these questions in today’s episode: Joyce McKinney - The Mormon Molester

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