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23-2018 - Goddess Sex Temple

July 7, 2018

Last week, we discussed the Adidam cult who’s leader was a man that convinced people he was the embodiment of God and that, for your salvation, you had to have some rather perverted sex with him…as long as you were attractive enough.  Essentially damning ugly people to hell.

This week, we’ll learn about Tracy Elise, also known as the Mystic Mother to the Priestesses of her coven. A 55-year-old mother of three, Elise would invite men and women to the Phoenix Goddess Temple to heal them through sensual massage and therapeutic tantric sex sessions. She considers herself a priestess and healer.  However, a jury in Arizona, saw it differently.

Did this Temple Temptress truly teach Tantric touching?

Or was the Mystic Mother just out to make money by massaging man-parts?

Join us today as we meditate on the case of the Notorious Goddess Sex Temple and Its Ruling Pimp Priestess

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