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22-2018 - Hippy Sex Cult Scam

June 30, 2018

Kids these days are so spoiled with their modern cults. It's all Hollywood actors and slick suits politely offering personality tests. What about the good old-fashioned sex, drugs, and unquestioning obedience of the Charles Manson-era cults? You know, that would have been just fine if not for all the murder… This was a time when hordes of Americans wandered off into the desert to find out exactly how weird a human life could get. And here at Clickbait, we are happy to bring you that weirdness every week.  Yeah, now you don’t have to wander off into the can listen and eat your dessert.  

This article discusses Raina Bird, who grew up in an honest-to-god hippie commune led by the alleged embodiment of God, and she said ...

“Of Course, There Was A Lot Of Weird Sex Stuff Going On” 

Are cults just a creative way to copulate?

Should the Guru just do you?

Is an education in enlightenment an exercise in emasculation?

Is alternative worship a wangfest of wanking?

Join us as we anoint the butt-hole and explore the depths of the Hippy Sex Scam Cult!

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