Click Bait

17-2018 - Workplace Wanking and Masturbation Mischief

May 26, 2018

Have you ever wanted to masturbate at work?  Some of us have even done it. Discretely I hope!   Usually, it’s a good way to get fired...unless you’re Ana Catarina Bezarra.  Bezarra has a medical condition that causes her great anxiety and a burning desire to paddle her own canoe...even if she’s at work, and her employer has been ordered to let her do so.

While this sounds unbelievable, there is science behind the thought that it would create a better, less stressful work environment.  There are even jobs that require you to masturbate. 

Is Anna’s anxiety causing her to click her clit instead of mouse at work?

Can a court compel a company to allow their employees time to do the old knuckle shuffle?

Does a job shaking the steak pay good money?

And did Robert Pattinson really pound his pecker during a performance?

Join us as we finger through the files of job related jerking off on today’s episode:  Workplace Wanking and Masturbation Mischief

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